SFCN – Somali Family Care Network

What We Do

Through grassroots initiatives, educational programs, vocational training, and access to essential services, we aspire to create a holistic ecosystem of support. Our vision encompasses a world where:

Unity Prevails

Communities come together to learn from one another, fostering understanding, tolerance, and cooperation.

Economic Empowerment

The economically disadvantaged are equipped with the skills and resources to become self-reliant, reducing the cycle of poverty.

Cultural Enrichment

Immigrants and refugees are celebrated for their diverse backgrounds, promoting cross-cultural exchange and mutual respect.

Education Flourishes

Quality education is accessible to all, bridging the knowledge gap and enabling personal and societal growth.

Human Dignity

Every individual’s inherent worth is upheld, ensuring that basic needs are met, and rights are protected.

Opportunity Abounds

Doors are opened for individuals to re

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